Thursday, September 2, 2010

say it with me "Moo-staaashhh"

  He started out looking like that, far right corner there. Well, that's not true. He started with the standard white face. You can kinda see the lame 'stache I gave him to begin with. I had plans that weren't working for me. I wanted to figure out a way to make it curl up, because I thought that would be cool, right? Right. I couldn't make this happen.

   Lucky for me, Apey was here and was more than willing to help and really wanting to add to my family project. She saved my family! lol She began and it looked something like this.... 
  She made it look amazing and just exactly what I wanted! I was very excited! Apey and I have pretty different styles and specialize in different things. We help each other out a lot during our playdates.

  After attaching the moostaaashh (as it came to be referred to all night long) he looked like this. 
  I quickly learned I had no pants for this gentlemen. Apey brought me a tux with suit coat, shirt and some unmatching blue pants. lol I LOVED the coat, because it matched the top hat I had for him. The shirt was too...not what I wanted and well, the pants were blue. I ended up making his shirt and pants and stole the bow tie off the shirt. He came out looking like this.
  I had to improvise with electrical tape for shoes, as I had none. Sometimes this works, sometimes not so much. This is mostly a not so much but it will have to work for now until I can get some real Ken shoes. heh

  He went to join his family and it was magical. It really pulled the piece together and finished it nicely. I can't say it truly represents MY personal family, as we are a family of 5, 2 boys and 1 baby girl. I have strong attachment to this family of mine, however. They are very special to me. I remember ever so seriously telling my husband once "they're so...strange, you see, but they love each other so much".  lol me



  And that's my now finished family. I kind of think of them as the Family Grimm, but that might be copyright infringement or something. heh

- Joy -

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