Saturday, October 2, 2010


 I custom made a doll for this local band I like, Torn. They didn't ask me to and they're probably going to be like "uh...thanks...Joy", but whatever, they know I'm weird and I did it. lmao

 First of all, they had shirts printed up a while back and I got one. I altered it in my own style, which I have not taken pictures of. This is a picture of what the shirt looks like in it's natural state. This is important for the doll, trust me.

 So this is me, holding up my Torn tshirt that had just been handed to me. lol

  Anyway, when I made the doll, I tried to put a little bit of each (female) fan into. But mostly the drunk ones. HA! They're the most fun, right? Right!

 So here we go, the ultimate Torn fan! Isn't she cute? A lil tipsy with that shot glass in her hand.

 I did a badass job on her shirt, in my opinio, of course! Check that OUT! OH YEAH!

 We're pretty good friends and they enjoy my weirdness/antics. I'm sure they'll like her. lol

 I'm kinda hoping the lead singers girlfriend is there tho so I can place her in safe hands. Boys are bad at taking care of stuff. lol

- Joy -

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