Thursday, September 23, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

So, I had the series going, but I had a different idea. This chick is loosely related, but not in the series, I guess.

 She's a fairly old Barbie. Some 80's edition. Her hair is thinning and you can just...tell the difference. heh

 She has a little something special tho, a baby!

 After I had finished making their make up the same, I gave them the same hair style aswell.

 See? Mama has a nice...rollie bun or whatever too, just like baby! lol

  Now, as usual, the next set of pictures skips right to them being dressed. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I forget those progress shots. Sometimes I remember. I discovered a bunch of progress shots on my cell phone camera. heh

  Anyway, on with the pix!

   Mama first! Isn't she lovely? The dress is a black velvet material, with a snakeskin print belt.

 You can see her tail good, plus her headband matches her belt. Her gloves also lined with the same 'snakeskin'.

 Fancy back with those other wings I was talking about.

 I forked her feet/toes for 2 reasons. 1) they were 2 completely different feet. I'm not kidding. Like, from 2 different molds different. Very strange. 2) She's a devil, duh, it seemed fitting.

 Notice her heart shaped lock around her neck.

 The baby! She's wearing the key to Mama's lock. :o) (her feet are also forked. Something chewed her feet up awful.)

 The side view, of course.

 The view from the back is a little more impressive. She has little wings. which I cut off a bat ring. Perfect size.

 See how cute she is? *squee* Love my creepy babies! <3

   And now some pix of Mama and Baby together. They're just way cuter together, the whole point of making them match.

  I  just finished them a few days ago. I love them! Like I said before, I pretty much love them all. haha These may or may not go up for sale. heh I already have my Family Grimm, so really, I shouldn't hold on to more families. lol

- Joy -

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