Monday, September 13, 2010

The Joy Doll

  Ok, so I pretty much look and dress like this...

  and this...

  Here's a few more examples without turning this into a total LOOK AT MEEEEE blog entry. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There you go, that should give you an idea of my "style" or lack there of. Ha!

  I ended up making 2 Joy Dolls, but the 1st is the most acurate and I spent the most time on her. The 2nd doesn't have my piercings, but I guess she's another side of me? I don't know. I still like her. Pictures? Why yes, of course.

  We'll start with Joy Doll 1, because well, she's #1 and I spent the most time on her and like her better. Ha!

  I made her clothes out of my own clothes. Her skirt is cut off from a skirt I wear, the charm on her necklace is from a bracelette (I always wear a skull and crossbones necklace, so she needed one), the skull on her shirt is from one of my scarves, just little things like that. I gave her a lot of personal touches, as she's, yanno, me.

  I have a couple shirts like this that I've made for myself, so I made hers the same way.

     A close up of back detail. Lots of work. Her shirt is also made of one of my skirts that got ripped, so I cut off the ripped part to use in barbie make overs.  lol

  She has my piercings, eyebrow and nose. I tried all the earrings, but they didn't fit.  heh

 I love stockings, weird socks and funky shoes. I have a huge shoe collection and I'm pretty sure I have these shoes almost exactly. lol

  In conclusion, I love her. lol I think she looks a lot like me! I did a pretty good job! Of course, I couldn't find a picture that actually showed me wearing buns (the 2nd pic I posted I am, but you can't see them), but I think you get the idea.

  The 2nd and not as superior doll looks like this...

  When the Gods and universe are being kind, my hair is this color. lol I love to wear corsets (which are hard as hell to make for Barbies) and I carry a GIANT black and pink purse with a J on it.

  This was actually the first corset I ever made. I made it for another doll that it didn't fit. I had it hanging around, waiting. It seemed perfect for a "me".

   I also like to wear big sunglasses, stunnahs, if you will, so she's wearing those on her head too.

  She was a blonde that I sharpie colored her hair red. She's also wearing a charm from the same bracelette as the other Joy Doll.

  So there ya go, me and my Joy Dolls. :o)

- Joy -

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