Thursday, September 2, 2010

I wasn't lying when I said...

  I generally have a lot of projects going at once. I haven't touched these ladies in quite awhile. I paint their faces, make plans for thems, then toss them aside. Sad to say. I'm struck by whims and where they take me. I let my dolls talk to me.

 That gentelman there and white painted face lady did end up getting attention last night. Apey  and I had our weekly date of Barbie make over play and it was wonderful as usual! Timilee joined us and finished a couple dolls herself! The Gentlemen became the Daddy of the family, but that's it's own post, me thinks.
   We're gonna focus on 2 other things. White painted face lady and I also finished painting this girls hair. I'm getting bad at naming them. At first, I started out giving them names. I need to do that again.

So, you saw how she started out. I think I got some news and figured out this puzzled and wasn't so happy. So I did this in my angst ...

  I originally was trying to give her some horns , but that wasn't working, so I got more pissed off. lol This seemed to work in my favor, however, or at least I think so. Oh, also, that black spot on her nose is a black bead. I gave her a septum piercing.

  In doing so, I just so happened to rip off half her face paint though. Whoops! I had to re-paint her, set her aside to dry and busy myself with something else.

                                             This would be her drying...among other....things....

   I moved on to another project for a bit. Finishing up my lil silver sugar skull girl. Isn't she cute? She needs a name. I wanna call her Suzie, but I already have one. Suzi Retro, thank you very much. Ha! Maybe we'll just call her Sugah. ANYWAY, I fixed her hair, finally!
  The long and messy process begins. And might I add, Sharpie sucks for this. Bic makes a Shaprie like marker like bleeds perfectly for such a purpose. Probably not so good for papers and such...but just sayin'.

                                         She ended up looking like this in the end. I was pleased.

     Now back to Angsty the Clown or whatever. Her face is dry and needs more black, apparently.

                                           The last picture taken of her, she looked like this.

                                             Oh and I also made this Barbie yesterday. Ha!

More latere. :p

- Joy -

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