Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the beginning...

 It started with Malice, the Ballerina in the middle there. On the far left we have Death Wish Darbie (who someone else made and I made over a couple months ago) and far right my niece made (name is Eve).

  Anyway, so my friend Timilee went to a Goth club and was shocked by a girl wearing a certain outfit. I thought it was pretty funny and told her I was going to make a Barbie in her honor. So I did. I had a blast. That's when I gave Suzi Retro and Darbie their make overs. I was hooked. I was and still am very proud of Malice.

  As you can see in the first picture, it was before I turned that shelf/cabinet thing into the night club. I went a little crazy for awhile and Apey went all intervention on me (thank you, ma'am) and got me treatment I totally needed. But doing this Barbie stuff at the height of my crazy was amazing and helped so much. I was so afraid I'd lose it once I got on meds, but thank geebus I didn't.

So, I had this great idea to make a Goth/dance/whatever club for my Barbies. I was just gonna make a couple, yanno. Then they kind of took over and I got Apey into and we started doing it together. Then I got Timilee into it, too. Now sometimes we all 3 do it together. :o)

  Oh right, the club. durpdurp. Sorry. I have this exact replica miniature of Whirlitzer (?) juke box. It used to work when it belonged to my Gramma. I used to play with it as a kid at her house. It got packed away with batteries in it and it got ruined. Boo. It's perfect Barbie size and perfect for display, however.

 This is what it looked like before I went all craycray on it. It took me while to get it decorated. I keep changing it, too. There's things I need to change right now, too.


 I made this doll right after Malice. Her name is Lucille Dahl. haha Isn't she cute?! She has a pitch fork too. She wasn't completely done in that picture. Anyway, back to what I did to the club.

   The Ring Master (blue) isn't in the club anymore and neither is that super hero chick in the background. They were 4th and 5th made. After them, I've kind of lost count. I could probably figure it out if I had to. I think the Family Grimm came next.

  a shot of some background, a little above the and to the right of the juke box.  I included the 3 most important Divas in the background 1) Marilyn Monroe 2) MaDonna 3) Lady GaGa lmao

 Luci Dahl actually ended up on a swing in the background which has since fallen down and needs to be put back up. I always remember this after the baby has gone to bed and hammering is a bad idea.

 I personally think it's pretty cool. I want to make other displays with my other dolls. There's been talk of coffee shops and churches, old war hospital scenes and stuff like. I like art. heh

  I'll update you on the club once I get the swing back up and everyone who's suppose to be there is there. lol


  There's a picture with the swing in it! I still have to put it back up, tho. heh

- Joy -

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