Monday, November 29, 2010

The Red Series

  Yikes! So, it's been awhile and I totally suck. I don't know if anyone really reads this or not, but for anyone that actually does, I do apologize.

  I got a new crop of Barbies to play with a wall built infront of my creativity. That's also what's kept me from here. November has been the longest month ever, I swear. I didn't do much Barbie art at all up until the last week here. Like I said, creativity block. I had some real life drama that kind of sent me into a downward spiral of well, like writers block. For the longest time, I've been using the Barbies as a journal of sorts. Even the ones that go up for sale have thoughts, feelings, memories, pain, anxiety, hope, etc, all poured into them. That all went *poof* and left me blank.

  Luckily, with the help of a friend and a custom doll, I seem to have gotten my mojo back. I had 2 dolls waiting to be finished, glaring at me from my art table. Masked finished and half dressed. Ideas came and went, but nothing stuck. I started the custom and ideas started to flow again, for her, for the others, for new dolls. I even dug out a doll that had been bugging me for awhile. Her face was a great, a half and half, but her outfit was horrible. So horrible, infact, I didn't want to deal with it and stuffed her away. In my newly refound glory, I dug her out, stripped her down and started over completely. She's finished, named and up on eBay! lol

  Anyway, I called this entry "The Red Series" for a reason. I reaaally wanted to make some mask dolls, but I couldn't find my white acrylic paint for the life of me! All I could find was a tube of red. I settled that day for simply removing eyes and mouths, leaving creepy, faceless dolls behind. Barbies, Kellys and Stacies alike. No one was safe. My current projects involve Mom/Baby duos. heh

  After that long day of not finding the white, I opted for the red. Why not, right? I only have a couple red faces. I painted a crop of dolls red faced and am working at them as they speak to me. I finished one, named her and she's also up on eBay! (If those 2 ladies don't make it, they'll go to the Etsy Shop) I'm now working on a Mom and baby. I do them at the same time to try and make their faces match as close as possible.

  I made a cave mom/baby duo aswell, she's in the shop. Very fun to make. I want to make myself another to keep. You can check out Olga and baby Ung here.

  We're currently having a 25% off Holiday Sale in our Etsy Shop, just use coupon code COS2010 at check out!

  You can check out Beatrix and Shayla on eBay, if you so desire. :o)

I guess that's all for now!

  - Joy -

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Siamese Twins - Finished

  Oi, have I been busy! Life has had it's way with me lately, let me tell ya! 

  A couple entries ago, I made a post about Siamese Twins - Work in Progress. Well, they're finished now! Fully dressed and everything! Wouldn't you LOVE to see? I know you would! That's why you're here!

  They're names are Sasha and Tasha. They're fancy like my favorites I'm keeping, but these are for sale!

  They're actually the "Doll of the Day" today for me and Apey's Etsy Shop! You can find them easily at

   I made another set of Siamese Twins that were also mentioned in the last post, but no pictures. I have some pictures now!

    Meet Shannon and Sarah. Shannon is the easy going, laid back one, while Sarah has a bit of a wild side to her.

    You can also find these lovely ladies in our Etsy Shop!

   I guess that's it for now!

  - Joy -

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Angel

  I figured to balance out all the Devils and Demons, I should also make an angel. Or at least an angel like doll. I painted her mask ages ago and lost interest. I do that a lot. I have tons of dolls laying around, painted or half finished, that I've started, then either got mad/frustrated at or lost interest in. I go back to them eventually, when another doll makes me angry or I get of seeing them sit.

  A couple weeks ago, I found a stash of painted, naked ladies that needed attention, so I attended them. One of them happened to be this Angel I started ages ago. I started her when I started the Devil/Demon series, but quickly lost interest in her. I didn't have wings or ideas, so I just cast her aside.

   I still didn't have wings, but I did have ideas, so I finally finished her. I think she looks pretty. Not a true angel, but close enough. Certainly more Angelic than the rest. And for that, I named her Angellica.

  Instead of wings, I used this lacy, shiny, silvery stuff over her white dress. When her arms are outstretched, it kind of gives the illusion of wings.

  She's certainly different from the others! lol

  I loved her white under dress so much, I almost hated to cover it, but she needed some angel-y and this worked this best.

  So there it is, my first try at an angel like being. lol

- Joy -

Monday, November 1, 2010


  I took my kids out Trick er Treating last night. Well, 2 of 3, anyway. Mr. I'm 14 Now stayed home. Nolan was a "zombie FBI agent" and Olivia was a princess. What was I, you ask? Well, the whole point of this post, really.

  I did my make up like one of my Barbie masks! It was great fun! It took quite awhile to do and even longer to wash off, but totally worth it! I even got recognized by a few people as looking like my Barbies! How awesome is that?!

    What'cha think? Pretty close, huh? I didn't want to waste any actual beads, decals or crystals, so I just used all make up.

     I think I did a pretty good job! But I'll stick to least until next Halloween!

- Joy -

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