Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Family Grimm

 These boots were SUCH a pain in the ass to make, but I was/am so proud of them. I was going for that fetish look, yanno? I think I did a badass job.
 They took foreverrrr too. I've done 2 pairs like that now.  These were the 2nd pair. The better of the 2, of course. The others aren't as fetish-y. These boots belong to the mother of the Family Grimm.

 I spent a lot of time of her.  A lot of time perfecting her. I kind of love her. Certainly one of my favorites.

  There's something about creepy babies that I find adorable. Probably because I've had enough babies of my own that I've seen their creepy sides. I've seen some...things in my life that have been hard to handle, in regards to babies and maybe this IS a form of therapy. A way of expressing it in a way I find cute, yet it's still creepy.

  See? Isn't that cute! I've added a rattle, a dollie and some odds and ends here and there. It's an on going work of art and statement? I guess. I don't know. I just know I love them.

   I remember when I first made them, I told my husband "They love each other so much!". He's become rather protective of them aswell. It's kind of sweet, really.

   Before Daddy, obviously, but I really wanted one. I've said before that they don't mirror my own family, just something about them....

 I made a little sign for them, because somewhere along the way, they became a statement or something. In all their strangeness, unconventionalness, weirdness, etc, they loved each other and that's all that matters.

 I finally completed it and in a way, in those ways listed above, they do kind of mirror my family. We're a bit strange, unconventional and weird. But we love each other so much.

- Joy -

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