Monday, January 17, 2011

Breastfeeding Doll

 So, I mentioned in more posts back than I'm willing to put into the task of finding, that I wanted to make a breastfeeding doll. I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate and breastfed my own children. I'm all for nursing in public and have done so many times over. I thought a doll would be a good way to express this.

  I started her today and am almost finished. I've taken some progress shots to share.

  omg I made nipples! I am so proud of my nipples, I had to take a bunch of angle shots.

 I couldn't figure out what I wanted her to wear at this point. I had to decide if her shirt was being pulled up or pulled down.

  I decided on pulled up and this outfit. Yanno, just normal, chillin', tshirt and jeans.

    Here she is with baby. I'm still working on positioning and angle. She'll be finished soon though!

- Joy -

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