Friday, September 3, 2010


  Everyone wants to make a Geisha, including me. So I decided not to. I made an Asian inspired lady that I'm so in love with. She's kinda super creepy.  I call her the  Anti-Geisha or Lady Dragon.

  She started out as a Mieko I liked and did some testing on. I painted her face silver to begin with. I don't think I have pictures of that. I know I do on my phone, but my husband hasn't showed me how to do the thing with the card yet to make the pictures come off the card and magically appear on the computer. heh

  The first pic we have is after a LOT of work has already been done on her. Her face and outfit are all pretty much already done. She has gold eyes, lined in black. With lots of green stone detail around her face. I did her hair in rolls and covered her front and back with a veil. There's tons of detail in her outfit.

  I made her a corset in the back and that was about a bitch. LORD. I made an actual corset that doesn't really fit anyone at the moment. It will, oh, but it will...

  This is after she was finished. Lots of jewels. She just seemed so fancy and deserving of them, so I kept going.

Me adding her last touches. lol

  I made her little slippers, see?!

  I'm very proud of her. I put a lot of work and details into her. She looks pretty cool and creepy in real life. heh

- Joy -

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