Monday, September 27, 2010

New Doll: Another Step by Step

  I figured you loved the last one, right? Right. So here's another one for ya. A never seen before doll, even. Sucky for you it's shitty camera phone pix. Once again, sorry about that. I just finished this one a couple days ago, so no name for her.

  She's, once again, not my usual colors, my I've been messing around and trying new things. That's what life is all about, right? Or something. I really, really hate change, so I guess the trying new colors things is part of my therapy. Yanno, my therapist just loves this whole Barbie Art thing. So, here's to you, Dr. Therapist, I'm tried something out of my color comfort zone.

   Orange. Yep, orange. One of my least favorite colors, but what the hell, right?

   It's something different, it's something new and oh hey, it's almost Halloween!

 Under the mask we have purple, which I do not hate. This picture is very blurry and I apologize for this.

   This one is not so blurry so you get a better idea of what's actually going on.

   If you  haven't guessed yet, my work station is actually my kitchen table. Barbie is sitting on my laptop and those are ferrets in that cage.

  What the other picture wasn't really shpwing you is that I have painted her arms and legs. Here is a close up of her arm.

 Here is a close up of her legs and all of the other surrounding crap on my table. :o)

 Much time has elapsed and now that she dry, we've moved on to making her outfit.

 This doll and I had a bonding moment over this picture. I am SO the girl that gets her dress stuck in her panties.

 We're getting there! Some orange trim to bring it all together.

 I took care of that little skirt tucking making her skirt way shorter than I wanted to. heh

   Either I felt she was missing something around her neck or I just plain wanted to choke the bitch out at this point. I can't quite remember....


  Now she's all finished! Wearing the shaw I had intended as her original skirt, which is why the one she's wearing is so short. ahwell. These dolls have a mind of their own!

  - Joy -

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