Thursday, September 16, 2010

Devils Among Men

 When we last saw this little devil, she looked something like this. Apey came over yesterday, so I got all caught up on my pictures. For now, anyway. ha!

 All finished, she looks like this! Her face looks dark because she's wearing kind of a cap and veil, because I'm sort of a weirdo and like to do weirdo things, I suppose. ha!

  Back view. I just LOVE these wings. They came off of McDonald's Happy Meal Toys, some kind of Dragon things? I'm not really sure. If you happen to have any laying around, any color, send 'em my way!

  I think my favorite part is the tail. Pain in the butt to make, as I'm noticing most of the cooler details of Barbie arting is to make, but so worth it.

  I also mentioned in my last post regarding this doll making a series. I have 1 more set of black wings, but I'm stumped on horns. I might be able to cut and paint something together, as I ended up doing with #3, for #4. We'll see.  On to #2.

Meet #2. Boy I really went to town on her. She's the fanciest of the bunch. I just kept adding stuff to her, even after I'd finished. heh

  So far, she is the only 1 of 3 without that 'joker smile'. I'm a big fan of the stitches and heart shaped lips in my demons/devils, but didn't give her those. She does still kind of have her own weird smile, tho.

  I just love them tails!

   She has the butt ruffle I'm becoming fond of. lol

So, that's #2, let's move on to #3.

  She's 3rd in this series, but also the first black barbie I've made over.

 I'm very pleased with how her mask turned out. This isn't my usual color choice, but it was fun to work with something different, especially for something usually color specific, such as devils.

  I love the wild hair and I think the blue really compliments the dark skin.

 The only thing I don't like/would change about this doll is her shoes. She's a damn "my first" kind of deal with the stuck on shoes.

 I guess the Family Grimm would be considered a series, so this would be my 2nd series. If I can make a 4th for this, you bet I will! I'll update if I can make it happen. heh

- Joy -

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