Friday, September 24, 2010

Blue Devil: Start to Finish

 This is going to be one of those rare near step by step, start to finish progress shot post. Now, the pix aren't best quality, as they're from my cell phone. I do tend to take a lot of progress shots with my cell phone just to have them for me. I figured I'd share these. I know you've already seen the Blue Devil, AKA #3, but not like this!

 Here she is as just any other doll...with a blue face. Nothing special, right? Well, you just wait...

 She now has her black base make up in place. Shitty lighting, it was probably dark while I was working on  her. Sorry 'bout that.

 Working on  her mask here. I don't think it's quite done yet.

 On the other hand, if I'm taking side view pix of it, it very well might be complete.

 Ok, I know for a fact her mask if finished here, because I moved onto attaching her wings.

 Oh look, those wings are on her back! who'da thought, right?

 I thought she needed some fancy stockings, right? Right.

Now we're going to move on to some better lighting...but just for a minute, then back to shitty, then back to better. Just...letting you know.

 ooooh creepy, right? Cool mask, creepy wings. Skurry.

 As much as I love these wings, and I do (send me morrrre), they are a total bitch to attach.

 Oh I guess the lighting isn't too bad. I must have been working on her clothes during the day. Ha!

 I had to craft the dress around the wings, so they'd look like they were really coming out of her back. Which was the whole reason of gluing them on first. durp. It was a challenge, but turned out great! (I think)

 She's all done now! Are you glad you got to see the whole, or at least most, of the process? Are you excited?

 She's certainly a favorite of mine, but I think she might go up for sale. Either alone or part of the series.

 You can see you her stockings really good here. They look pretty sexy. woohoo!

- Joy -

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