Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Series?

Maybe! Well, I was trying, anyway. I got as far as 3, then ran out of needed parts. Just my luck, right? heh

So, Apey and I have a weekly 'playdate', which I think we, or at least I, mention...weekly. heh Last Wednesday, I started working on this little beauty...

  As usual, I had gotten started a bit early before I started taking pictures. I have a bad habit of doing that. As you can see, her face is pretty much done.

 I moved on to hair. It was blonde at one point, which I Sharpied black, as I'm fond of doing. God bless Sharpie and it's counterpart markers.

 My original plan was to make something to fit over her hair to serve as horns. Apey and I tried all different shapes, trying to figure out what I could roll into something horn like that would slip over the ponytails. Nothing worked. (I even got my husband on the case a couple days later.)

 In the meantime, pissed off at the stupid horns, I started working on her clothes. 

   She's starting to come together now! The vision! Oh, the vision! If only she had horns...


   She didn't end up with those shoes. I was thinking about it, but changed my mind.

  And that's where the pictures stop, my friends. She wasn't anywhere near done, either! I finally figured out the horns and a few other details and made 2 more like her. Ha! Apey will be here tomorrow, so I'll get the finished shots of her and her 2 friends. I want to make 1 more, at least, if I can find like horns. I think 4 is enough to call a series, right? lol

- Joy -

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