Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Painted Lady

 Some of you might remember, some of you might be reading this for the first time. Either way, this doll is my 2nd "Asian Inspired" doll. The 1st being "Lady Dragon".

 This doll doesn't have a name yet and I don't really think of her as anything. She's probably going up for sale, so I haven't grown attached to her. I think she's pretty cool and all, but haven't formed a bond.

 She started with the "famed" mask I so love making, going with a blue kind of theme.

 Her hair is also pretty hit. Yikes! Some people just should not try this at home! lol

 I had originally painted her face purple with white eyes. I had to soak her head in hot water and dish soap for hours. Oh and then scrub it with a toothbrush. heh That was fun. Worth it! Did I mention I change my mind a lot?

  As you could see in the first picture, I was kind of working on her along with my first devil girl. I got pissed off at devil girl (horn issue) and pretty much completed my asian friend here. There's no more 'in the process of' pictures and straight to finish. She's was done within the week before Apey  came back with her camera. haha

 The darkness on her belt pisses me off. I need to figure out a way to lighten that up before I would put her up for sale. I'm not a fan of inperfections. Let's just pretend that's not there. I WILL fix it.

  There is no hope of ever making this Barbie sit down. Sorry 'bout that. heh

 Remember that jacked up hair? Yeah. I had to get a bit creative with her head. The hat, the veil, the long ponytail. Wait, what? Long ponytail, you say?

   I used a cut off ponytail from my other asian doll. Ha! I think it looks pretty nifty and saved a jacked up doll from looking, well, jacked up. heh

  I think I need to glue the hat on, tho. It isn't very stable. I would feel awful if someone was to purchase one of my dolls and have something fall off upon arrival. Not my style. Quality is my aim, thank you very much!

- Joy -

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