Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Pretty Dollie

 Sometimes I like to do pretty dollies. It's not all creepy, slutty, weirdo shit. Well, I guess she is still kind of creepy in that she has a key in her back. But that was part of the magic for me. My mom bought me like 20 something Barbies from a thrift store for 35 cents a piece. This particular doll had a weird lever sticking out of her back that apparently made her arm wave? Yes, very useful. Later on, my mom happened to give me an old fashioned copy of a key. Ding!

  She started out like this. I put the key on first thing, because I knew whatever I did, I'd have to work around it, as it was to be one of the main pieces.

 After some more work, we moved on to this. I knew I wanted her real fancy and pretty. I don't do that a lot. I love dollies, I really do. So that's what I was going for here. Lot's of layers and lots of work. heh

   At this point, her key fell off and I was pissed. I finished up the skirt stuff, then re-glued it back on. I don't think it would dare fall off again. Ever.

  I don't think I have any more "in progress" pictures of her, as she took me quite awhile to finish. By the time Apey came back for our weekly date, I had her finished. So the next series of shots is finished and details, close ups, etc.

 All finished! I even curled her hair! I'm pretty proud! She has a hoop skirt! lol Even though I used real shoes as the base, I turned them into Maryjanes, which I love more than I can fully express. (I own a few pairs of my own in a few different styles)

  There's lots of bows and frills on her back too. It almost looks like she has wings. That wasn't intentional, but whateve, it works.

  I will leave you with one last photo close up of her face and then leave you alone. :p haha

  So there you have it, my pretty dollie, which I am very proud of! <3

- Joy -

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