Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finished Works For Filler

 Well, Apey is supposed to come out today for our weekly play date, so I'll stock up on pictures for updates, but I'm running a little low at the minute. I'd love to tell you all about my Joy Doll(s), but I can't find very good pictures of myself to really make the dolls make sense. ha!

 I figured I'd just show you some of the dolls I've finished so far that I happen to have pictures of. :o)

  She's mostly finished, she just needs shoes. I haven't felt like doing what I want to do. Which is make her kind of old fashioned-y with button up boots. One of these days....

 She has bloomers and lots of petty coats. She's very pretty and I kind of love her. The bloomers were hard. heh

 One of my more 'normal' girls. Her hair actually came like that. Her head like flips around. Brown on one side, pink on the other. I made it so it no longer flips, pink on top, brown on the bottom.

  This is the first kind of fancy dress doll I made, I think. In the traditional sense, I suppose. She's normal enough. heh

 Her hair was kind of booty and very short, so I  made her the hat. I thought it was kind of glamorous.

 I made this one on vacation at my moms house with very little supplies. I just can't stop myself.

 I really like her. She's pretty simple, but I think she's pretty. The color combo of dress fabric and ribbon make me happy.

 So, I mean, I really DO do all kinda. Freaky, creepy, gross, pretty,  normal, etc. I do it all! :o)

- Joy -

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