Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Story of Maddie and Cara

  Meet Madaline and Caraline. It's a rather tragic story, really. You're really only meeting Madaline, better known as Maddie. The part of Caraline is being played by a well worn doll, but shhh, don't tell Maddie her Cara is just a doll, there's no telling what could happen.

  You see, Maddie and Cara were twins. Born to one of those wealthy families in the South on a Plantation  with lots and lots of land, ponds, gardens, etc. Need I even mention their home? Larger than large, room after room, secret rooms, giant attics, ball rooms (2, actually), servant quarters (which were always kept full), you know the type.

  These twins daughters were the pride and joy of the Willis Family, along of course with their older sons Anderson and Maxwell. Little girls are special though and 2 at that! But sadly, tragedy struck early, swift and hard.

   When the Twins were having their 5th birthday party, it was a huge celebration on the grounds. There were people everywhere. Usually, Maddie and Cara stuck together like glue, but that day, Cara really wanted to go off exploring. She let go of Maddie's hand and wandered off a bit. Maddie felt her let go and looked over with worry, but watched her sister simply walk over to the cake table. No big deal there.

  Maddie got pulled this way and that, from grown up to grown up and passed around. So beautiful, so gorgeous, the favored twin anyway. No one seemed to notice Cara was missing except for Maddie herself. Whenever she'd try to bring it up, her fears were pushed aside. It was a party, give her sister some space without her to have fun and such things were said, but deep down, she knew it was wrong.

  Deep down she knew all the attention she received was wrong. Cara was beautiful too. She just had some problems with her arms and legs was all, but they had the same face. It was just some silly braces on her legs. The parents loved them like equals at home, but once company came around, Maddie was shown and Cara was hidden. Such is life in the old South, I suppose.  Maddie didn't agree. She loved her sister more than anything else in the whole world.

   It broke her heart, soul and mind to lose her...

   To be continued....

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