Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Doll For Me

 I've been so busy making dolls for Etsy, I've kind of forgot about myself. The whole reason I started making these dolls is because *I* love them, not just to try and sell them. I started out making a doll with the intention of selling her, but ended up falling in love with her. She's mine, I'm keeping her.

  Her name is simply Pinky, for lack of something better. She's one of those more grown up Skippers that I love to work with. The body style treats you kind.

  I made her dress out of some bears dress. I had to cut it down a lot to make it fit her, but I just thought it was so cute. I used the left overs for accessories.

  I kind of hate how you can't evenly part a barbies hair. That's total balls. Willy nilly hair placement for the loss.

  The other material, a stretchy black with white polka dots was a tank top of mine. I loved it, but it had weird boob cups I couldn't handle. lol

  So there ya go, a doll for me! She's on MY shelf, among my other keepers. She'll live with me forever! :o)

- Joy -

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