Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Woe

 I'm new to this whole Etsy Shop thing. Everyone keeps telling me how great my dolls are and that I should totally sell them and they're totally worth $X amount and blahblahblah. So I start an etsy shop. Well, Apey does, anyway. I'm not good at stuff like that. I'm good at buying stuff like that.

  Good example, we no longer need Barbie shoes. I just spent like $40 on ebay buying lots of Barbie shoes. *hangs head* Which totally makes the fact I haven't actually sold a damn Barbie worse. Oh except for my one commissioned doll. I did get paid for her. But not enough to cover all these shoes.

  I'm know I'm totally whinning in my Barbie Art Blog right now, but hey, I can't post pictures anyway and I'm feeling kind of low about my 'art' anyway. If my dolls are so great and people would love to have them, to buy them and they're worth $X amount, why aren't they selling? Why aren't people buying them? I mean, I'm selling them for way less than then $X amount people are swearing they're worth.

   It's becoming quite frustrating.  I'm tired of hearing "it takes time". How much time does it take? I get 80 some views on a doll, people obviously like looking at them, wouldn't they like looking at them in their own homes? lol Buy it! I don't think my prices are unreasonable.  I've been told I'm asking way too low, but I want to sell them. I don't want THIS. Sitting around, waiting, wondering if I'm just wasting my time. I feel like I am. I feel like this whole business venture is wasting my time and I need to just stick to dolls for myself and the occasional custom.

  But then I end up with so many dolls and hear "you really should sell those". lather.rinse.repeat. Insanity, I tells ya, insanity.

- Joy -

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