Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maddie and Cara continued...

  Cara knew she wasn't as special or perfect as Maddie. Sure, they had they same face, but their bodies where nothing alike. Maddie was strong and healthy, where Cara was weak and broken. Born disabled at birth and no one could figure out why one twin would be so healthy and the other so...not.

  Mama and Papa always treated them the same at home, Cara sometimes getting even more attention because of her illnesses. That doesn't really make it the better kind of attention though. When company came around, Maddie was the twin they showed off. The beautiful, healthy, able bodied twin. She didn't resent her. Cara mostly stayed in her room and played with toys during these times. Awaiting her call for dinner. They'd never exclude her from dinner, at least.

  The braces on her legs were quite heavy, so she'd make her way to the top of the stairs, then call for Samson, one of the bigger, stronger servants to carry her down. He was always quite sweet about it and became her kind of personal carrier servant. If she needed to go anywhere, Samson was there to assist her. They formed a strong friendship in her short life.

   Her best friend in the whole world though, well really, her whole world, was her sister, Maddie. They were so close. Maddie took care of her, helped  her, played her and yet still managed to make her feel perfectly normal. Maddie resented her role as 'the pretty one' more then Cara did. Of course, she was stronger and cared about a lot more.

  The day of their 5th birthday party finally arrived. Cara knew that even though it would be against Maddie's will, they would eventually get separated. Maddie would be shown off, passed around, made the princess and Cara would be set off to the side, stuck with a Nanny servant maybe, to watch over her and make sure she also enjoyed her party, but not as much in the spot light. But Cara had her own idea. She knew once she  broke away from Maddie, she was free and could slip away unnoticed. She hated to do it to Maddie, but knew in the endit was for the best.

   Cara took her chance, breaking away, letting go of Maddie's hand to wander over to the cake. Dang if these braces weren't heavy. She looked back to see the worry on Maddie's face, but tried to put her at ease with a smile. No harm in cake. Maddie was soon scooped  up by the adults anyway and there was no one to watch over Cara's every move. She made a break for it....

to be continued....

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