Thursday, October 28, 2010

Siamese Twins - work in progress

  Let's take a break from doll fiction for a moment and get back to some step by step how to's, or what ever they are. Let you in on some of my little secrets here and there to keep it interesting and all.

  The doll fiction came about because pretty much, each doll has a story. I either think it up while I'm crafting them or it comes to me when they're done. I was playing with Maddie and Cara the other night while Apey was here and she told me to share their story, so I decided to. I will be in between other posts.

  Anyway, in THIS post, I'm going to show you a bit how I'm constructing my latest Siamese Twins, who don't have names yet. Let's get started.

  They started out like this, as they usually do. 2 dolls, separate, doing their own thing. Unsuspecting.

   Ut oh, things are starting to look a lil scary for them at this point! That brown headed girl did NOT want to give up her arm. Now that was a fight. WHEW!

   Working on their masks. Gotta make them pretty and creepy, yanno.

   One mask nearly done, except for one detail to be added later.

  2 masks all finished! So pretty! Very different these 2, which my other I went same, but opposite. These ladies are just different pretty much with some things alike.

  And finally, joined together! I haven't yet decided if I'll leave them like this or join their heads too.

   The back view, of course.

  Awww, so happy together! Maybe they DO want their heads glued? hmmm...

- Joy -

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