Friday, October 29, 2010

omg shoes

  omg shoes! Let's get some shoes! My shoe woes have finally come to an end. Yes, sometimes, well, most of the time, especially in the beginning, I made/make my own shoes. This can be satisfying. This can also be a huge pain in the ass. I have made some boots I'm very, very proud of, but have run out of the materials used to make them with. I would LOVE to make them again, but have no idea what was exactly used to make them. Such is life when working with donated crafty items. Ahwell.

  ANYWAY! I went a lil bananasammich on they good 'ol ebayz and bought tons of lots of Barbie shoes. I bought (these are all pairs, not loose shoes)  2 lots of 60, 2 lots of 30, 2 lots of 15, a lot of 8 skateless ice skate boots (stfu I have reasons) and a lot of 26 shoes. I think I have enough shoes now. I am in shoe heaven. Not all the packages have arrived yet, but enough have for me to be all OMG, SHOES!

  Sometimes shoes are just shoes and sometimes shoes are a base to build off of. They're pretty important and we were down to nothing. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of all these shoes. I tell ya, when all the packages come in and ALL the shoes are here, I will. And THAT will be impressive. HA!

  These shoes are $300, let's get 'em!

-  Joy -

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