Friday, October 15, 2010

Siamese Twins

  My current project (among many) is a set of Siamese Twins. I actually did a fair bit of research on the matter before plunging in with these dolls. I wanted them joined at the head and wanted to see some pictures of what this looks like for real.

   Forgive picture quality, we're back to using the camera phone. We were lucky for a minute, Apey was here last week. haha

  They started out like this. I believe in this picture they're wearing make up. One has "wild" make up, the other "normal". That didn't last long. They both got painted white.

   A view from the back. I cut a bald spot in the middle of both their heads. Pulled out the nubbins with pliers. Their hair is braided together.

  After awhile of messing with them, I decided I wasn't really happy with how they were turning out. I did their masks. One happy, one sad. That looks good. But something just wasn't right. I couldn't get them to pose right and it was just pissing me off. I decided beyond being conjoined at the head, maybe they should also be attached at the shoulders. I pulled off their arms and glued their shoulders together. Much better!

   I think anyway. I still haven't decided if they'll share an outfit or have their own. As you can see, twin on the right has a glove where twin on the left does not.

   Twin on the right is happy, while twin on the left is sad. They're pretty much opposites of each other.

  The back didn't match up as well as I wanted, but I'm sure clothes will cover that and all will be well. I'm wanted to make these into a series. I just need to keep finding like dolls.

  Oh how I do love the odd. Maybe I should just make a whole series of Side Shows? That would be awesome....

- Joy -

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