Monday, October 18, 2010

Follow up on the Twins

   They're finished! They are my Masterpiece! I don't think I've ever created anything more spectacular! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Pictures don't do them justice! But I will try, of course, to show them off in pictures for you. I am so proud of them. I feel like I really beat the big boss on this one.

   They took so long. So much to figure out. So much went into them. So much more thought and energy than your regular doll (except for a custom, maybe). I don't know, there's just something about them. A special connection. I feel more like they represent me than any doll I've made so far. Go figure.

  Enough from me, let me introduce these lovely ladies Zelda and Odette, World Famous Sideshow Headlinders who have spent their lives traveling the globe....(or at least how I envision them)

   We can thank Apey for the fabric, which inspired finishing these lovely ladies and also the camera with which I used to take pictures that didn't suck. lol 

   I gave them champagne glasses because they're going to be part of a scene, which I will explain at the end.

   Odette, the happy masked, classy twin. There are more cracks in her mask. hmmmm.

    Zelda, the sad masked, happy funtime twin. Less cracks in her mask. interesting indeed.

  Back view. Hair is still one, thick braid. Thought I'd brush it out and fix it up. All the flopping them around so much getting them dressed messed it up. lol

  Together again, incase you forgot. And yes, of course, I made both their outfits.

  This will be their scene box. I've already started it. A red velvet curtain in the back and a black stage. There will also be a red velvet curtain in the front. I really want to give it the look and feel of a side show where they're the main attraction, the headliners. I'll post pictures of that when that's all done. HA!

- Joy -

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