Friday, October 8, 2010

Trying New Things

 I think or feel or something as an artist you should never stop evolving. Don't stop what you're good at or what makes you happy, just get better at it. Try different things within what you're doing. Whether that's color, materials, what have you. I've been experimenting with a few new things lately. I haven't always liked the out come, but trying have been fun. That's pretty much what this post is about. The different things I've tried.

  First up we have actual Sugar Skulls. I love them. I've always loved them. I'm not very good at them, however. I'm good at my masks, which have a kind of sugar skull-esque-ness to them, but still no, they're not sugar skulls. I know this, you this, we all know this. They're cool, but they're not actual sugar skulls.

   I wanted to make, so I tried. With materials on hand, of course. I don't actually put a lot of money into this hobby of mine. I used nail polish, sharpie, toothpicks and some paint brushes I stole from my kid. Well, first I tried actual paint on paint, but it was too light. I wanted it bright and I wanted it to show up.

  So enough blahblahblah, let's get on with it, right? The first one I did is very obviously with nail polish.

    Everyone I've shown has given me the creepy seal of approval. lol

    I guess I need to make them outfits now. Think it looks alright? Everyone I've shown seems to think so, but they're all biased. :p~

  This is the 2nd one I made. I think it looks too clowny. A few have confirmed the clowniness. It makes me not really like it.

  Someone's bound to like it though. So I should make her an outfit and put her up for sale. lol

 The 3rd and last 1 I planned a little better. I drew out the designs in sharpie, then went over them with a toothpick dipped in nail polish. Hello pain in the ass. But hey, it worked!

  And again, gotta make a dress. I have so many unfinished dolls laying around. Need to get them finished and into the Etsy shop.

  Besides the Sugar Skulls, I've been trying out the half and half faces thing. I have a couple pix of those to show you. I did a whole blog of the half normal, half mask. But I mean all mask, but 2 diff mask. Just...look. lol
  This one's kinda cooky. You can't really tell till the side shots, but her eyes are beads. We like to re-use a lot in our art, really as much as possible. We use nail polish a lot. I had a bottle sitting upside down trying to get the last drops out and those beads feel out. I had the pereft use for them. Ha!

  I painted it silver with a little black dot in the middle. See how perfect that is?! lol

 Didn't have to paint this one black, but I did put a little silver dot one it! lol

 Here's a half and half with a mask. The last one didn't really have one. Just design and designs and shit. This is a little more elaborate.

     and like I said, a little more elaborate, here's a full body shot....

   Just gotta make an outfit for her.... lol

  So there ya go, I'm trying new things. Along with the old things. heh

- Joy -


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