Friday, October 22, 2010

The Slave Doll

    She started out as any other masked beauty. I'm not sure what took us to this place. I knew I wanted her to be different, I knew I wanted to use electrical tape and I knew I wanted to do a certain look. It just so happened that look turned out very...slave like.

     She's also a Midge doll and one of my favorites, as we all know. I think she was 2nd Gen Barbie and the Rockers. The ones that didn't dance. Her make up was horrible. I actually passed her over twice at Value World because of her make up and her hair was a nightmare. 3rd time's the charm and I took her home. I salon'd the shit out of her and painted her face white. She made a very nice mask indeed.

   Oh how I do love my masks. They really are my favorites. Specialties, even. Too bad everyone doesn't feel the same. heh

  Here she is in her strips of electrical tape upper half. Now's probably a good time to point out I didn't take these pix. Apey took this doll home to take pix and put her directly in our Etsy Shop. Lucky you! She's for sale and just a click away!

    Like I said, shots for etsy shop. You can find her under Slave Doll.

   As you can see, Apey likes to take artsy shots. lol

   2nd to her face, her feet are my favorite.

  Trying new things and all, etc. There's something for everyone not to buy! ohman, I am feeling down. I need to be positive.

   Let me start over. *cough* There's something for everyone to buy! :o)

   - Joy -

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