Monday, November 1, 2010


  I took my kids out Trick er Treating last night. Well, 2 of 3, anyway. Mr. I'm 14 Now stayed home. Nolan was a "zombie FBI agent" and Olivia was a princess. What was I, you ask? Well, the whole point of this post, really.

  I did my make up like one of my Barbie masks! It was great fun! It took quite awhile to do and even longer to wash off, but totally worth it! I even got recognized by a few people as looking like my Barbies! How awesome is that?!

    What'cha think? Pretty close, huh? I didn't want to waste any actual beads, decals or crystals, so I just used all make up.

     I think I did a pretty good job! But I'll stick to least until next Halloween!

- Joy -

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