Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing that thing you do

 I've been bad and doing that thing again where I just start working on dolls and forget to document the process. It would help if I wasn't using my old cell phone as the camera these days. I am promised a new camera for my birthday by the hubby, as my last one happened to have a drinking problem and jumped out of my hands and into a glass of beer. I loved that camera, too. It was a Christmas present, from the hubby, a few years ago. It was pink, because hey, I love pink and I'd found the perfect black sparkly skull and crossbones sticker to adorn it with.

  Why no, I can't leave anything alone. lol I have to make everything more better, in my eyes. I'm from the old school (cuz I'm an old fool, who's so cool) where we had to make our own stuff cool, not just walk into a Hot Profit and buy some shit. Granted, I'm guilty of owning a few items that once lived on shelves at said store, but I justify this by buying it 2nd hand. I didn't actually give money to "the man" I just have tiny feet and lucked out that some teenager grew a size and had to donate those uber cute baby dolls with stars on the toes to the thrift shop I picked them up in for $1. (which was then donated to charity, as that particular stores profits all go to charity) So see? I can still pat myself on the back for keeping it punk for real.

  Except...I was born in 80 and missed the whole movement. Isn't this a Barbie blog? Anyway, the point is, I do what I want and can't leave anything alone or as is. I alter all my clothes and have since I could figure out how to cut things apart and sew them back no one else's. I make all the clothes for my Barbies by hand. Sometimes they're sewed, sometimes they're glued. It all depends on what I'm doing. Sometimes I'll use "real" Barbie clothes items as a base for something or I just really like the piece of clothing and use it as is and make the rest of the outfit.

  I like creating all my own outfits. For myself and my Barbies. I get great enjoyment out of taking a doll, a piece of material and a few scraps of some other material or ribbon, some paint and turning it into something that expresses so much. I love each and every one of my creations and I hope the people who do buy them love them aswell. I know as their maker that no one could match my feelings, but I can atleast hope they're thought of fondly. Taken down from their shelves, hair fixed a bit, skirt adjusted, etc and looked on with meaning. Every doll deserves meaning, a 2nd chance at life after their little one grows up and moves on.

 I never grew up and moved on, really. Sometimes I think this is all just a way to play Barbies and not feel like a complete mental case. I have tons in boxes and have bought more. Even when my art is gruesome, it's still made with love and respect. I'm still giving a 2nd chance to be something more. Take 'I Am Doll Parts' and 'Til Death Do Us Parts', for instance. I guess it just looks like I hacked up a Barbie and Ken, but really, they were broken, headless, missing legs. I collect Barbie parts, too. All of gets a 2nd chance to be something more than junk. This, of course, just being my humble opinion.

 I really enjoy documenting the progress of a doll. The Before & After is amazing to me and I like to go back over it. I like to think other people might find it interesting, but it's mostly for me. I'm bummed I totally made a new Fairy start to finish and didn't document any of it. I just got all in the zone and before I knew it, she was done. But yeah, original, opening thought...I'd love to take pix that didn't suck. heh Soon, this won't be an issue and you better believe I'm going to document my butt off...unless I get all in the zone again. haha

 My Masterpiece! I love these girls and made them a special display box. A stage at the Sideshow, which they are headlining, of course. Zelda & Odette, my first set of Siamese Twins.

  Everyone I've made and kept so far! It's of course changed around again slightly. heh

- Joy -

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