Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've been working on

  Whew! I had a busy day yesterday full of Barbie Arting! I started and finished a few different projects.

  Since I liked the Breastfeeding Doll so much, I decided to make another, more elaborate one. I started off using a rare Midge doll and another vintage baby. This baby is from the original Babysitter Skipper doll, the other baby I used for Brenda & Alexis was from a later version called Babysitting Skipper.

  Anyway, so breastfeeding is great and I'm a huge advocate of it. Breastfed my kids, co-slept, tried to sling them, but fell short at the cloth diapering. I, of course, am aware of all these 'crunchy' things and wanted to make a doll in honor of Attachment Parenting in general. Thus, Fawn & Summer were 'born'.

  Nipples again! I think all dolls should have nipples from now on. lol

   As you can see, Fawn has baby Summer in a handmade sling!

 The top of her shirt slips down for easy feeding! The rings on the sling are working and adjustable.

 Since Fawn is a slinging, breastfeeding mama, she can travel light with this cute little purse, complete with water bottle for mama!

  I haven't given up on my Fairies! I started a new one, Whimsy the 8th Fairy in the series, yesterday.

 Whimsy started out like this. I removed all the 'flesh colored' paint and some of her face make up.

 She started coming together after a little bit of repaint.

     Wings added and face repainted.

      She currently looks like this, but we're not done yet.

  I also made an interesting Barbie/Ken accessory. A dog named Rex. Not just any dog, mind you...

    Rex features a Barbie arm sticking out of his mouth and a handmade leash.

  Well, I think that covers yesterday. I wonder what today will bring? lol

- Joy -

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