Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls Night Out

  Meet Crazy Joy and Crazy Apey! The doll was her Christmas present from me. We decided to have a little fun with our crazy selves and did a "Girls Night Out" photo shoot.

First, we met up at the sideshow. We heard the headliners Zelda & Odette were very talented and wanted to check them out. As you can see, there was a line. Don't worry, we're not cutting! Just posing. 
After that, we decided to hit the club!

 Apey met up with Suzi Retro and had a little chat. (Lord knows how much Suzi had to drink before we got there. She was pretty handsy.

Meanwhile, I was dancing with Malice.

That is until I fell over and crashed into Darbie's crotch. whoops! Guess I'd had a bit too much to drink aswell.

Darbie and Lucille Dahl were nice enough to escort me back over to Apey.

I told Apey I'd be right back. I'd left my meds in the car and it was time to take them.

While I was gone, Apey met up with Cora

 Cora was very excited to have found a babysitter for Claira!

I guess the bouncer* just wouldn't let up, so Apey agreed to a picture with him.

Whew! I sure felt better!

One last picture before we left! 

And there you have it, our "Girls Night Out" adventure!

* my son (14) made the bouncer in a bonding moment. lol

- Joy -

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