Sunday, January 9, 2011


 One of my current favorite dolls I have for sale right now is Beatrix. She has an interesting story. Well, to me, anyway.

  Beatrix was a Midge and we all know how I feel about her. She's always been my favorite. (Theresa, also a favorite) The problem with this particular doll was her legs. They were covered in some weird yellowish circles. Not like, drawn on, but like something had seeped in or something. I knew she was going to need her legs covered, whatever I decided to do with her.

  So these Fairies I've been making, some of them I bought as make overs that I'm re-making over. I do that to my own dolls, too. I didn't really like what I'd done with Beatrix as far as her outfit went. She was early on and like my 2nd half and half type doll. This all goes back to not being able to leave shit alone.

  Back in November I had this total creativity block. I had a lot of drama in my life and even though I use these dolls as journals of sorts, I just felt so blank and couldn't bring myself to art much at all. An order for a special custom came in and I was given some instruction, but mostly given creative liberty. I needed this in my life. She's another post though.

  So while digging for supplies I came across Beatrix stuffed in one of my many boxes of crafty stuff. I thought she looked as awful as the day I'd stuffed her away and decided she needed a make over.

 The original Beatrix. Guh! What was I thinking? She looks a mess! The half pant suit thing was just not working for her at all. She had so much potential, I couldn't stand it. I stripped her clothes off and started over.

 The new and improved Beatrix! I think she looks much better now and am proud to call her one of mine.

- Joy -

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