Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Families and such

  I seem to have a thing with making families or at the least mom/kid sets. I assume this is because I myself am a mom and have a family. I also have a lot of issues. heh

  My current project is a family of 4. Like Beatrix, the mom of this family is a re-make over of my own stuff. So's the dad. Both had other face masks at one point. The mother's face was purple (notice how I don't have any purple faced dolls) and looked like shit. It was one of my 'trying new things' moments and hey, I had some purple paint.

  The father was my traditional white mask, black stitches, but my son had decided to have a bonding moment with me and share in my art. This resulted in the mask cracking and falling off in places. I started out making him a half and half, then got carried away with the black. Once blond, his 'hair' (plastic mold) had already been painted black.

  Since the father (not at this point the father, just a random black faced Ken) had such great success with his repaint, when I stumbled upon the mother and her hideous purple with sparkles mask and silver stitches, I decided she was next on the list. I painted her to match him, but just got the idea for kids about an hour or 2 ago. The kids will be twins, a boy and girl, and the family will all match each other.

  I have decided to call them the Family Blackheart (because it sounds cool, like the Family Grimm) and painted a little black heart on each doll. This will most likely be covered by clothes that will never come off, but I know they're there and have been documented in pictures. I like little things like that.

  I was going to include pictures, but I think I'll save 'em till the family is done. *goes back to work*

- Joy -

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