Saturday, January 22, 2011


  I tend to refer to all/most of my art as Bizzart. It's a word mash up that popped in my head when I made this collage thing with magazine cut outs (of a hot chick with medical equipment) and glitter and framed it. It was weird and made people uncomfortable when I showed it to them. I would say "yeah, it's bizarre, but it's my art. BizzArt, if you will". lol

  Anyway, so I've missed a couple playdates with Apey the last couple weeks and we missed the hell outta each other. I invited/told her to come over today and she did! Let the Barbie Arting begin! We had a blast, as usual, but I feel so extra creative when she's here. She has good ideas and I like them.

  I started making this table. At first, it was just going to have Barbie legs as the legs, but then I/we/it got all extra weird. lol See, I have a bag of parts that I like to hang on to for things such as this. My current bag is filled with vintage Barbie parts in pretty rough condition. I bought them off ebay in a mixed lot of vintage parts, an I Love Lucy doll was my main want of this lot. She was naked, but she was in good condition and I've always wanted one. I was able to reconstruct a vintage Skipper doll, too. Another main focus.

  So the point was I keep parts laying around. I do this for a couple reasons. The first being, I'm a total freaking nutball. The most honest reason is that I believe every part deserves a 2nd chance at life. A 2nd chance to be something more than parts. I feel strangely passionate about this. Some of the Barbies I use are in great condition and some of the Barbies I use are in total shit condition. I usually reserve the best condition ones for something special or dress them up like I'm 8 years old again and add them to the collection. My favorites are the 'junk lots', the bottom of the thrift bin, the parts, the throw aways. They've been tossed aside and I pick them up, dust them off (or in some cases scrub them with acetone) and turn them into something beautiful, wonderful, strange or bizzart.

 So I make this little table with a box lid, material and Barbie legs. I picked out shoes for the legs and painted them all black. I put garters at the top. It was pretty cool. Then Apey comes along and sets a flower pot in the middle of it and a gun off to the side. It's an interesting contrast and gets my wheels turning. I dig back into the bag and find this vintage torso with 1 arm and a head on it. I recognize this particular head as from the old as hell 'Twist and Turn' Barbie of somewhere in the late 60's. Do you see where this is going?

  TAADAAAA! This is Glamorous! She inspired a whole new section in my Etsy shop, BizzArt!

  I've already started on the next 'head table', to be called "Vanity". It's more vintage parts and another vintage head...with eyelashes! I'm excited. lol

- Joy -

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