Monday, January 10, 2011

Doll of the Day!

 Meet SheDevil! She's the star of the day today and the newest addition to my Etsy shop!

She was a lot of fun to make! I didn't start documenting until her face was already painted, but let's take a little trip in pictures and see how she came to be!

  She started out life as an Ariel doll I got from a "junk lot" of Barbies on eBay. The same lot Layla was from!

 I painted on a bra and panties. I wasn't quite sure where she was going yet at this point. (you can also see my blog in the background. lol)

   Then her outfit started to come together. I decided to use the painted bra underneath as part of her outfit.

   The outfit is done! but she didn't have shoes at this point.

 A back view and her little tattoo! You can't see it with her hair down, but now you know it's there!

  And there she is! All finished! Front, side and back views!

  I love the Ariel dolls a lot and used one to make my "Crazy Joy" doll. I tend to keep all the redheads, but that's not really nice. Other people like them too, right? Right. So in the shop she went!

- Joy -


  1. You got some very interesting art/dolls. Looking forward to seeing your next project.


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