Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Fairies and other things

 Well, I moved some stuff around and lost a few pix from my last couple posts. I'll have to fix that...or something. After I figure out...how and what. heh

  I've been busily making Fairies for the "Fairies Wear Boots" series. I can't be the only person who finds that song so utterly amazing, right? Right. So far there's 5 Fairies total.

   The first 2 are Layla and the Dark Fairy. I'll be keeping these, most likely. The 1st for sure.

              Dixie is the 3rd Fairy in the series and for sale in the shop!

         Leena is the 4th Fairy and for sale in the shop! She's even 'Doll of the Day' today!

            Jezter is the 5th Fairy in the series and currently for sale on eBay!

       First Five Fairies Family Foto *cough* lol

 You can see pix of all the Fairies, mostly from start to finish @ Fairies Wear Boots in my Barbie Projects Photobucket. (poke around at other stuff too)

 I've also been working on other stuff, too. Everyone pretty much got Arted Barbies for Christmas. I made 2 for my mom, 1 for my mother in law, 1 for my husband that I'm still working on and then I had a lot of custom orders for people not in my family. lol

   For fun, mom got this doll. My mother in law bought me a bunch of Barbie sized winter/holiday sweaters and my mom loved this particular sweater. lol I think they were meant to be tree ornaments? I have no idea, but they're freakin' hilarious.

  For moms other doll, I made her a Nun. Mom is one of those old Catholic ladies that carries her rosary around with her everywhere. I knew she'd love it and she did! Yay me! This Nun is nothing like the Naughty Nun you can find in the shop. heh

 The Mother in law collects those fancy, porcelain clown dolls. They kinda freak me out, but she loves them. She also loves the dolls I make, so I wanted to make her something special within her tastes.

  This is what I have so far for my husband. He wanted Starbuck, from the newer Battlestar Gallactica tv show. I crafted her uniform base out of a dress and now I have to find the proper material to finish her.

     I made him Dr. Girlfriend for his birthday last year. lol

I guess that's enough for now. There will be more Fairies and more other dolls to come!

 - Joy -

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