Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Additions

  I'm always working on something. I think that's pretty evident by the turn out. heh When Apey came over last Friday, I worked on more than just BizzArt. I made another breastfeeding doll, but a little more controversial, I suppose.

  I consider my art, well, art. Art to me is thought provoking, emotion invoking, a conveying of ideas. People respond to all kinds of art differently. On top of being a breastfeeding doll, it's also a Latino doll nursing a visibly lighter skinned (yet darker than lily white) toddler. In my story line, this represents a mixed child nearing age 2, with a white father. Can you pick out all the controversy? lol

  Recently (like 2 hours ago), this caused a stir on my Facebook. I stand behind all my dolls and the statements they make. Why am I so passionate about breastfeeding? I've breastfed 2 babies successfully after my attempt with #1 was a flop. It means a lot to me. I feel like a success story! I'm also pro 'extended' nursing, which generally means beyond the first 12 months and child lead weaning. I plan to make a whole series of breastfeeding dolls and I want to represent all aspects.

  Anyway, this is a Barbie Art blog, not a breastfeeding blog. So let's get on with the Barbie Art. I have 2 dolls to show you!

                        Meet Sheri & Megan!

  This morning I got up and decided I wanted to make a 'plus size' doll. Apey has made them and I wanted to try, too! I'm really proud of this one, too!

  Meet Sophia! My very first plus size doll! I love her! I think I'm going to go make another one right now...

- Joy -

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