Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dark Fairy

   Yes, Fairies again. This will be the last for awhile. I have some Christmas presents and a custom I have to finish before I embark on anymore Fairies, sadly. As much as I want to go through the Fairies I have so far and work with nothing but, I have other things that need to be done. Until then, I will make this post with great pride over my Dark Fairy that I've fallen quite in love with. I dunno man, I dunno if this series will be a keeper or end up on the site. lol

   I had another idea for dolls to make tho, a couple ideas, actually. Freaking ideas. I was blank for what seemed like an eternity, but now they're overflowing and I can't shut them off. Let me catch my breath! I am but one woman! lol Nursing dolls, with the babies like, super glued to the boobs and machine gun leg dolls. Hell yes I will makes these. Anyway, moving on.

  The Dark Fairy came to me looking like this. I swear that is a skirt off a Skipper doll I had as a child and not the skirt original to the doll. I do not know this as fact, I'm just sayin'.


                           My next course of action was to strip her of all of...that she had going on.

                                                   Outline for basecoat repaint begins

       Base coats are all finished! She's ready to be painted and really be transformed!


  Painted and wearing her very dark, very cool Fairy boots. Her face is all free hand, I applied the fakey eyelashes myself with surgical tweezers and an exacto knife, I shit you not. lol


  I liked the pink hair, so I only gave her a black streak on each side to freak her face. That seemed dark enough. I trimmed off a lot of her hair and the curl it had gave her a nice little flip. Also, omg buns wrapped in fraying red ribbon. I had thought about giving her red streaks, but went with the ribbon in it's place.

   also fun to pose...

  I put the 2 Fairies together, because hey, I have 2 Fairies now, yay!

  They're still deciding how they feel about each other. I don't blame them...

- Joy -

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