Monday, December 20, 2010

1st Fairy

 I've always loved Fairies. We already know this, because we were paying attention in my last post, right? Right.

  Remember when I spent like an entire year tormenting my brother with an imaginary Fairy that I made a bed for beside my bed? Yeah now's a good time for that story.

  My brother is 11 years older than I am, for starters. He NEVER played Barbies right and he broke the "Don't Make Fun of Fairies" code. Didn't know there's a code? Yeah, there is. So I'm like I'm 12-13, way old enough to be "over" the Fairies are "real" thing. He's all into hiking and shit and drags me to this new place he's found. No, I did not want to go walk my happy ass around the woods.

  So he drives me there, in his open air Jeep (...I was driving a-round...townnn). Yes, a jeep. To this park type place with all kinds of trails and stuff. The grass is very lush and green, the paths very worn from many people walking them over and over for their many various reasons. I hated to admit it, but I was quite taken with the place, too. Didn't mean I wanted to be there, though.

  We hopped out and looked around a bit. He told me about this path and that, the miles, the rocks, easiest, shortest, etc. He failed to mention their names, however. I picked "Enchanted Travels". He rolled his eyes and off we went. I honestly felt something around me as we walked, but what, who, I can't say. It did give me an idea, however. I thought for awhile, examined the trees, leaves, various flowers and plants. If I was a Fairy...

  I finally spotted it, up ahead in a clearing. The sun hit it, yanno, just right. I'd been practicing in my head how I'd play it out. How I'd find the Fairy and really, really mean it. Oh Lord, I'm cracking up here. "Brian! Brian!" I shouted, because, well, that's his name and all. I ran ahead, shouting. "Brian, do see them?! Do you see HER?". Of course he's all durp, "what?" and I'm like "the Fairies! They're all around us!" He starts fa-lipping out hahahahaaa and I start talking to them.

  So the particular Fairy I tormented him with was this lovely imaginary beauty named LaylaOnya. (I just had a "why am I so stupid" moment, excuse me), which was a play on "lay one on ya". Get it? Get it? Ha! She had red hair and boots, yanno "oh gosh Brian, it's just like Ozzy said! They DO wear boots! They DO!" hahahaha I made her a little bed and kept it on my night stand. I "took her with me" every where I went. I talked to her. I made my brother talk to her. It seriously went on for a year before I finally "took her back home".

  Obviously, I'm completely insane. I realize this. I hadn't realized how much of an impact this entire year of my young life had had an impact on me and my entire life until writing this out. I guess I can stop calling her 1st Fairy and start calling her Layla now.

 This is how Layla looked originally. Or I guess she did. This isn't the exact doll I used, but one exactly like it. heh

  This is after already putting in a lot of work on her. Her face is already complete at this point.

  I covered up the original make up, then free handed the rest. also, re-colored hair.

  More make up cover up + free handing. Free handing is done with a toothpick, btw.

  Also repainted the crappy arm tatts and took some liberties with them.

  Her boots, which I painted and laced.

  Pigtails, the braids are super glued in place over her boobies, but with enough give so her head can turn

     Trimmed her wings in black wispy stuffs. The panties might be a base for a skirt of some sort.
    I really like her. I need to put up some more shelves. heh Very fun to pose.

   back view with bushy pigtails.

    back view so you can see the wings.

   Seems my "imaginary" Fairy never really left me after all. She's stayed with me all these years and I've never put it together. Won't this be a fun story for my therapist tomorrow. heh

- Joy -

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