Tuesday, March 8, 2011


 I feel like writing about stuff and not very creative at the moment. I'm sitting here listening to headphones.

 ...and trying to think of stuff do with this doll I just did a hair recolor on.

   Meet Betty. She's going to get a hair make over.

  Getting prepped.

 Here we go! Yep, I use Sharpie. Scotch tape around the face and some rubber bands.

 Half way done at this point!

   Coming out nicely, I think!

  Meet Betty, again!

 All done yay! Now I just gotta figure out who she is and get her dressed. That's where the hold up is. I just keep looking at her on her stand and she just looks back. Bitch.

I have a couple projects going, but nothing I'm really all that into. I wanna start something and really feel it. Like the custom I just finished.

 That's GiGi Fairy and her son Jakey fairy. :o)

   I wanna do more customs. I think they're my favorites. I get sales in my shop for free hand dolls and that's cool! I love love love that people buy my self expression. That means the world to me. But when someone asks me to create something special, just for them. Well, that's something else entirely. I need another one of those.

- Joy -

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