Tuesday, December 14, 2010


   I've become obsessed with Fairytopia Barbie dolls. I want them in boxes for collecting and out of boxes for arting. It all started with this "junk lot" I bought off ebay like a month ago. It came with one of these dolls. It has pink wings, blond hair and eyelashes. I fell in love. Not all of these dolls are as wonderful as her, but some are pretty cool.

 I've always loved Fairies. I think all little girls did at one point.  I spent like an entire year tormenting my brother with an imaginary Fairy that I made a bed for beside my bed. It's a good story, but for another time.

  The very first time I heard Black Sabbath and Ozzy sing about Fairies Wear Boots (...and yaaaa gotta belieeeeeeve meee, I saw it, I saw it, with my owwwn two eyyeeessss) I was smitten with the song and the idea. Hell yeah Fairies wear boots. So I'm turning this doll into a Fairy wearing boots.

  Growing up, I wore combat boots with everything. Dressed to the 9's, combat boots. I mostly envision my Fairies in combat boots. It can vary tho, depending on the Fairy. My Fairy is wearing black, heeled combat like boots with pink laces. I painted and laced those bitches myself. I also colored her hair red with a Sharpie. That took half my life to complete. I also repainted all her make up and took some liberties. She's covered in a sparkle nail polish I love by Sally Hansen called Diamonds. It's great for Fairy sparkle, in my opinion. She is going to be badass. She is my personal custom.

 After I finsh her, I have a dream of making a whole line of "Faires Wear Boots" Barbies for the shop. I mean, other people gotta be in on this too, right? Other people get a chuckle out of hearing "a fairy wearing boots dancing with a dwarf", right? Everyone needs one. How can I not share this with the world?

  Some will be harder than others to mod. They have plastic molded bodies with stupid patterns n shit. Hopefully I can work around this. I got some for Apey, too. I know hers won't be wearing boots, but she'll come up with something. heh

- Joy -

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