Sunday, November 7, 2010

Siamese Twins - Finished

  Oi, have I been busy! Life has had it's way with me lately, let me tell ya! 

  A couple entries ago, I made a post about Siamese Twins - Work in Progress. Well, they're finished now! Fully dressed and everything! Wouldn't you LOVE to see? I know you would! That's why you're here!

  They're names are Sasha and Tasha. They're fancy like my favorites I'm keeping, but these are for sale!

  They're actually the "Doll of the Day" today for me and Apey's Etsy Shop! You can find them easily at

   I made another set of Siamese Twins that were also mentioned in the last post, but no pictures. I have some pictures now!

    Meet Shannon and Sarah. Shannon is the easy going, laid back one, while Sarah has a bit of a wild side to her.

    You can also find these lovely ladies in our Etsy Shop!

   I guess that's it for now!

  - Joy -

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