Monday, November 29, 2010

The Red Series

  Yikes! So, it's been awhile and I totally suck. I don't know if anyone really reads this or not, but for anyone that actually does, I do apologize.

  I got a new crop of Barbies to play with a wall built infront of my creativity. That's also what's kept me from here. November has been the longest month ever, I swear. I didn't do much Barbie art at all up until the last week here. Like I said, creativity block. I had some real life drama that kind of sent me into a downward spiral of well, like writers block. For the longest time, I've been using the Barbies as a journal of sorts. Even the ones that go up for sale have thoughts, feelings, memories, pain, anxiety, hope, etc, all poured into them. That all went *poof* and left me blank.

  Luckily, with the help of a friend and a custom doll, I seem to have gotten my mojo back. I had 2 dolls waiting to be finished, glaring at me from my art table. Masked finished and half dressed. Ideas came and went, but nothing stuck. I started the custom and ideas started to flow again, for her, for the others, for new dolls. I even dug out a doll that had been bugging me for awhile. Her face was a great, a half and half, but her outfit was horrible. So horrible, infact, I didn't want to deal with it and stuffed her away. In my newly refound glory, I dug her out, stripped her down and started over completely. She's finished, named and up on eBay! lol

  Anyway, I called this entry "The Red Series" for a reason. I reaaally wanted to make some mask dolls, but I couldn't find my white acrylic paint for the life of me! All I could find was a tube of red. I settled that day for simply removing eyes and mouths, leaving creepy, faceless dolls behind. Barbies, Kellys and Stacies alike. No one was safe. My current projects involve Mom/Baby duos. heh

  After that long day of not finding the white, I opted for the red. Why not, right? I only have a couple red faces. I painted a crop of dolls red faced and am working at them as they speak to me. I finished one, named her and she's also up on eBay! (If those 2 ladies don't make it, they'll go to the Etsy Shop) I'm now working on a Mom and baby. I do them at the same time to try and make their faces match as close as possible.

  I made a cave mom/baby duo aswell, she's in the shop. Very fun to make. I want to make myself another to keep. You can check out Olga and baby Ung here.

  We're currently having a 25% off Holiday Sale in our Etsy Shop, just use coupon code COS2010 at check out!

  You can check out Beatrix and Shayla on eBay, if you so desire. :o)

I guess that's all for now!

  - Joy -

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