Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Orders

 Oh how I do love the custom orders. I wish I got more of them! I usually charge between $30-40 for a custom, depending on that the order is, what they want me to do, the work involved, if it's part of a line I already do and they just want their own, etc. I've done all kinds of customs. Free hands (fun, but scary!), 2 I had to follow from pictures (probably the easiest) and free hand with a twist (twist being, quidence, but mostly being on my own, probably my fav).

  My current custom is a "Fairies Wear Boots", so a custom with guidence. It's been fun! Lots of pink glitter, black and silver. I can handle that. Lots of swirls and fairy like tattoos. Crazy hair. All things I can handle. And to make it extra special, it's a black fairy! She wanted painted on top with painties. She's looking good so far!

I tried to lighten it up a bit, so you could see how the wings glitter and sparkle. Made the picture come out kind of weird, but whatever.

Backview, also lightened to pick up the detail of the wings under the glitter. Lots of swirls and stuff. Trimmed in black and glitter. Painted silver with black and pink swirls, covered in pink and blue glitter. Very nice effect!

- Joy -

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